A Letter to Our Community 

Shared March 2021


The recent and ongoing acts of hatred and violence in the U.S. against Asians and Asian Americans is, simply said, appalling and senseless. This is yet another reminder that we as a country have so much work to do, and that it takes the commitment of every single one of us to build respect, inclusivity and meaningful change.  We fully support our Asian employees, influencers, brand partners and the broader AAPI communities and acknowledge the pain you are experiencing. We have no tolerance for discrimination nor acts of hate of any kind. It is hugely important that all of our employees and clients feel safe and supported at rewardStyle, and we are committed to upholding a culture that reflects that. We firmly believe diversity is critical to fostering innovation and success for all of our clients. We have and will continue to provide educational training for rewardStyle constituents to champion inclusivity, uphold fair and equal treatment of all and mitigate potential biases in this new industry.It’s important we live our values every day and we endeavor to embed diversity and inclusion principles into the fabric of our organization. Our commitment is embraced by our leadership teams in Dallas and around the world and spans the entire company, and we will continue to seek ways to strengthen our efforts for the long-term.