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Compare your brand with competitors.  Get an industry-first insight tool to guide your growth strategy.

LTK founded the influencer industry, and has driven billions in sales on behalf of brands. With over twelve years of data, LTK has an unmatched view of the industry for data-driven growth.

How LTK Benchmark™ works

LTK Benchmark™ is a comparison of your brand influence vs. your brand competitive set. LTK Benchmark™ ranks your brand based on key performance indicators including creator and consumer engagement, influencer quality, impressions and sales.

LTK Benchmark™ provides important insights to continually improve in reaching your objectives, inform spend and grow strategic decisions. 


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Who needs LTK Benchmark™?

Brands typically invest and build success in all forms of marketing.  LTK Benchmark™ identifies progress in growing influence and insights on areas of improvement to realize influence goals faster.

For brands that are working to optimize their established influencer program, LTK Benchmark™ provides insights and comparisons across a brand offering to adjust, improve and  optimize program effectiveness in a dynamic market.

Because influence is based on authenticity, it takes some time to build credibility. Endorsements from trusted creators are proven in studies to be much more believable, engaging and authentic than other forms of media. But the first creator campaign is typically not as successful as later ones.

LTK Benchmark™ helps brands utilizing Creator Guided Shopping™ to identify where their influence is vs. peers and how it is growing, to ultimately GROW (Gather, Reach, Optimize and Win!) influence.

LTK Benchmark™ also helps brands identify dynamic shifts in the market to adjust swiftly.

What is benchmarking?

Benchmarking is the process of measuring a business’s performance against competitors and your brand's individual, unique campaign performance.  Companies benchmark to understand how they are performing and to find areas for improvement to accelerate their successes.

For some brands, influencer marketing is a completely new territory they are considering because they see competitors effectively using it.  For them, benchmarking identifies where they are and how they can best differentiate themselves in their approach to influencer marketing.

Other brands have been in influencer marketing for an extended period of time but need benchmarking to stay competitive in the market.

No matter what stage of influencer marketing participation a brand is in, the market is dynamic and understanding where they are positioned compared to competitors and how to best align  with influence creators to achieve their goals.





Why benchmarking important

Benchmarking provides context for decision makers to understand and visualize how their influence is growing and the best direction to differentiate it in the market. Brand marketers who need to know how their creator campaigns perform against competitors' can use the LTK Benchmark™ to differentiate their approach in the marketplace and make better creator choices.

With established benchmarks, influencer campaigns can more thoroughly optimize their successes and make adjustments and  improvements to ultimately drive a better return on their influencer marketing investment, while also giving brands the opportunity to win competitors marketshare. 

LTK Benchmark™ identifies where your brand’s influence currently is and insights for the best strategies to accelerate performance.

  • Gather the right curated creators with Advanced Audience Insights
  • Reach with automated influencer management tools and payments
  • Optimize with simplified creator communication and integrations for better execution
  • Win! Advanced Audience Campaign Reporting to achieve better result


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