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    LTK Marks First Anniversary of LTK Connect with $2 Million Investment in Brands on the Platform

    April 27, 2023

    LTK Creator-Guided Shopping Platform Adds New SVP of Creator Growth and Success

    April 25, 2023

    LTK Announces $2 Billion Milestone for Creators

    April 20, 2023

    LTK Releases 2023 Gen Z Shopper Study

    April 19, 2023

    LTK Nominated for Best Apps, dApps and Software in the E-Commerce and Shopping & Retail Categories in the 27th Annual Webby Awards

    April 5, 2023

    Creator Guided Shopping Platform LTK Launches Social Media Advertising for Brands

    March 31, 2023

    LTK Series


    Go behind the scenes as Anisa Sojka gets ready for the LTK Creator Shops event on Oxford Street in London. Are YOU ready to join our network of entrepreneurs, like Anisa Sojka. Learn how:

    We're celebrating a whirlwind week in London with a look back at the first-ever IRL LTK Creator Shops! Where do you want our next stop to be?


    Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin sat down with LTK co-founder Amber Venz Box to discuss life after leotards and how LTK has helped her develop her own brand.


    COMING SOON! Gift Guides will be featured at the top of #LTK Creator Shops for optimal shopping exposure this holiday season! 🎁


    Think about how much time goes into content creation… It takes HOURS to curate looks, find a babysitter, take photos, edit those photos, post, and build your social audience.
    But remember, your followers aren’t seeing that post all at one time. You never know when someone will discover your great content. It could be a week from now or a year from now. That’s why it’s important to make sure the products you post about can be easily found in one place.
    You don’t want your followers to have to click through 72 weeks of content in a highlight button, only to discover you didn’t save it there! LTK makes this easy for you.
    Once you post the product to the LTK app, your shoppers can easily search for it in your LTK shop!


    Videos in the LTK app are shared at a rate that is more than 60% higher than posts with images! 🎥 But there’s a BIG difference in the kinds of videos you share on your social platforms and what you share in the LTK app. Your app audience isn’t there for entertainment. They are there to SHOP! 🛍


    No, not the kind you swiped right on... We’re talking about a first date with potential NEW SHOPPERS! 🛍 This is important to think about as the LTK web platform gets a MAJOR upgrade 💯 We’re adding a ✨SEARCH ✨feature to This means your LTK shop will be able to attract new shoppers that might not know you yet from your social platforms.


    You’ve probably started to take notice that ALL social platforms are leaning heavily into video. From TikTok to Instagram to Youtube, they’re all focused on snackable, entertainment videos.


    PRICE DROP ALERT! That’s the notification your followers will soon be getting on their phone! When an item they FAVORITED in your LTK shop goes on sale- they will receive a price drop alert! LTK instantly let’s your followers know FOR YOU! This NEW FEATURE will immediately drive traffic back to your LTK shop! So what should you do to take advantage of this?? -Make sure your followers DOWNLOAD the LTK app. Only app users will get price drop alerts! -Encourage your followers to FAVORITE key items in your LTK shop in order for them to gain first access to the sale. -PREPARE plenty of content when you know a big sale is coming up and use the scheduling tools to auto publish your posts. Just think how useful this new feature will be with the upcoming promotional periods like back-to-school and holiday sales! For more information on preparing for sales, go to your creator dashboard and click on resources!


    We are proud to share that more than 130 of our creators have made at least a MILLION dollars through the LTK platform. Today one of our senior analysts is giving us the inside scoop on the traits of our LTK millionaires! Who are these creators? What are they doing, and how often are they doing it? Watch NOW 🎥 for this EXCLUSIVE information!

    Welcome to our second episode of Talk Shop with Amber Venz Box. This week we are excited to announce our new LTK creator app. Amber shows off what new tools and features you can use to maximize your LTK shop.

    Also, have you prepared for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale yet? We got you covered with tips and tricks.

    Plus- Amber gets candid on how LTK creators can set themselves up for success during the upcoming promotional period. You don’t want to miss this new segment called Candidly Amber.

    We've hired more than 100 new people in 2021 alone!

    World-Class Talent

    5 Continents

    Ready to join the team?
    More than 50 open roles

    Welcome to the first episode of Talk Shop with Amber Venz Box.

    A new show to update you on everything from the latest news in the creator world, tips and tricks to help you win, and compelling stories from some of our LTK creators themselves.

    Watch more from this series

    Anisa Sojka Gets Ready for the LTK Creator Shops Event

    Anisa Sojka Gets Ready for the LTK Creator Shops Event


    LTK Creator Shops in London


    Nastia Liukin on Life After Leotards

    Screen Shot 2021-12-08 at 8.12.16 AM-3

    LTK Live: New Gift Guides Feature




    ✨LTK Video Insight✨


    ❤️ Tips for a great FIRST DATE! ❤️

    Screen Shot 2021-08-10 at 9.05.20 AM

    The Era of Video


    New LTK Shopping Feature


    What does it take to become an LTK Millionaire?

    LTK Self-Service Brand Portal

    LTK Self-Service Brand Portal

    Talk Shop Ep. 2

    Talk Shop Ep. 2

    100 New Hires at LTK

    100 New Hires at LTK

    Screen Shot 2021-07-22 at 3.12.25 PM

    Talk Shop Ep. 1

    Screen Shot 2021-07-23 at 2.12.42 PM

    LTK Powering Creator Commerce


    Video Title

    LTK In the News

    ‘TikTok has changed the space significantly’: LTK on the impact of influencers on social commerce
    May 26, 2023
    How LTK’s cofounder competes against big social with her billion-dollar ‘shopping community’ app that turns some influencers into millionaires
    May 20, 2023
    LTK’s founder had $236 in her bank account when she started the influencer marketing platform that was last valued at $2 billion
    May 19, 2023
    MPW Next Gen 2023 - Fueling The Influencer Ecosystem
    May 19, 2023
    Local influencer, Marnie Goldberg says to stay true to yourself when following your dreams
    May 3, 2023
    How Influencer Marketing is Embracing Affiliate Marketing Tactics
    May 3, 2023
    Reaching Gen Z and Millennials: What Brands Need to Know About Creator Guided Shopping
    April 24, 2023
    LTK bets on boosting TikTok and Instagram posts with new paid spend feature
    March 31, 2023
    TikTok hearing brings potential US ban into focus for brands and creators
    March 23, 2023
    The Shopping Tech That Helps Influencers Make Money
    February 8, 2023
    6 key takeaways on how Gen Z's shopping habits are changing with social media, according to a new study from social-commerce giant LTK
    February 7, 2023
    The creator economy ‘shows no signs of slowing down’ in 2023
    January 27, 2023

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