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Learn how a new Creator to LTK was able to boost earnings in less than 6 months.


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5 month earnings (up 330% yoy)


5 month orders


weekly post views on ltk


After just five months of working with her dedicated manager at LTK, this lifestyle Creator more than tripled her income due to a personalised posting strategy.  With a focus on beauty and fashion high street favourites, she focused on her weekly analytics to create  video and still content that showed the versatile ways to use each product. Plus, she was able to build up a shopper community.


  • Create an extra source of reliable income
  • Continue to provide invaluable service to a growing community 
  • Get more brand collaborations via LTK
  • Grow audience




By preparing regular reports using analytics customised to the Creator, the LTK Manager was able to show what content and brands converted best for her audience.

Adopting best practices like regular cross promotion of her LTK Shop link from multiple social channels and link in bio helped to create more education around the benefits of shopping all her social content on LTK.

Additional support was gathered, such as providing exclusive discount codes from LTK brands to use on collage and original content. Ultimately, from increasing the volume of LTK posts shared to her shop and using new features such as reviews, sizing detail, and educational captioning, this Creator was able to build a stronger shopper audience.




  • 1K new LTK followers a week
  • Posts twice a week on her LTK Shop
  • 0.7% conversion rate
  • 700k clicks in 5 months



*Creator images featured are not from the case study



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