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annual earnings (up 120% yoy)


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When this Creator joined LTK a couple of years ago she was posting regularly to her Instagram but working with brands occasionally. She wanted to know how best to monetise her content and understand what her audience wanted to see on her channels. Today, this Creator now only posts product links using her LTK Shop. Doing this daily has led to her doubling her earnings.


Increase earnings to ensure consistent monthly payments and more brand partnership opportunities.




The Creator’s manager at LTK provided one on one growth strategy and advice based on her analytics to date, and was able to leverage wider industry insights and consumer search trends from the LTK shopping app to pinpoint what products the Creator should focus on. 

As well as receiving a regular deep dive into understanding her LTK analytics, LTK was able to provide shoppable content ideas, show her how to use new features, and give advice on timings to post and how often. From regularly following LTK best posting practices provided, the LTK Creator was able to easily manage and grow an extra source of revenue that would grow into becoming one of the most stable and consistent incomes that she could rely on if brand collaborations weren’t as frequent.

But, after a short time posting her social content and exclusive content to LTK each day, the Creator was able to unlock dozens of long-term collaborations with some of her dream brands. By adding her LTK Shop to her link in bio and sharing LTK video and image posts to stories every day, this Creator was able to drive consumer behaviour, particularly amongst the dresses category. Plus, by following best practices for content composition and utilising all the features such as reviews, sizing details and keywords in her captions, she was able to build an entire new audience of shoppers on her LTK profile.




  • 95% of earnings come from the LTK app and web platform 
  • £260 earnings per LTK post 
  • 5K new LTK followers a week 
  • 2 LTK posts a day
  • 177 average caption length 
  • Now has over 1M followers on Instagram


    *Creator images featured are not from the case study




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