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annual earnings (up 400% yoy)


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Within just one year of posting to their LTK Shop every day, this Creator has jumped from £35k annual earnings to £178k on LTK. With 250k followers on Instagram, they wanted to attract and convert more of their following into shoppers by regularly posting and cross promoting their LTK Shop across all of their social media channels.


  • Establish a stable income from commissionable product links 
  •  Grow following social media and on LTK 
  • Get an influencer brand collaboration




Prior to beginning 1-1 strategy sessions with LTK, this Creator mostly made collage content using product imagery. Their LTK Manager took on a tailored approach to helping grow their earnings on LTK. Given most consumers prefer to shop from a mix of content styled in real life and on people, the Creator worked with LTK to evolve their posting strategy to include a wider mix of images and videos.

After polling and researching their analytics to understand what and when their audience was shopping most, LTK established that the Creator’s audience was highly motivated by discounts and personalised exclusive sales codes. LTK worked with its network of brands to obtain custom codes from the Creator’s top performing brands in order to build community. Adding their LTK Shop link to their link in bio was another easy way to direct their social media audience to one simple destination to shop all their product recommendations. This was also combined with ensuring every LTK post featured detailed product and sizing information as well as helpful captions to guide the consumer to purchase.

Another way LTK Creator Success team grew their earnings was preparing monthly reports and deep dives into what content made the most commissions, plus sharing what new content trends were predicted on the LTK app that would work for their audience.






  • 1K new LTK followers  a week
  • 1-2 LTK posts a day
  • 1% conversion rate
  • 3.5M clicks a year on their LTK posts



*Creator images featured are not from the case study



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