LTK / Successful UK Male Influencer Case Study


Learn how this new male lifestyle influencer nearly doubled his annual revenue stream in just a few months through specialist growth advice from his LTK manager.


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annual earnings (up 80% yoy)


annual orders


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Since collaborating with his LTK manager, this male influencer has generated £160k in sales in their first 2 months of working together, marking a substantial 198% year-over-year increase. In addition, this male Creator receives posting support on his LTK Shop as well as new ideas on what to post on Instagram and YouTube. Our partnership has propelled this Creator’s trajectory and he is in the top five earners amongst his cohort of Creators, a testament to our collaborative success in Q4.


  • Double his income on LTK 
  • Double his audience 
  • Regular collaborations with his favourite brands




In just 5 months, this male Creator was able to leverage learnings from having bi-weekly calls with his LTK account manager. During each strategy session, LTK presented him with tailored data analysis for all of his social and LTK platforms.

By running through 1-1 data analysis and cross-platform influencer strategy advice rooted in a deep knowledge of the social media landscape and his LTK Shop, he was able to utilise valuable trend data across his YouTube and Instagram content calendar. After each call or meeting he was given a clear plan of action to implement across his multi-channel influencer strategy.




  • 30% return rate (lower than average)
  • 0.5% conversion rate
  • £110 AOV



*Creator images featured are not from the case study


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