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Learn how a new Creator to LTK was able to boost earnings via influencer marketing.


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annual earningS (up 265% yoy)


annual orders


annual clicks on ltk posts


One year ago, this Creator had only posted a couple of images to her LTK Shop. In just 12 months, and with the help of her own dedicated LTK Manager, she has started posting more regularly and her earnings have nearly tripled.


  • Get more brand collaborations via LTK
  • Get more followers
  • Earn more through organic and sponsored content




The LTK Manager, using tailored analytics, showcased the best-converting content and brands for the Creator's audience.

Strategic practices, like cross-promotion across social channels and optimising the link in bio, boosted consumer awareness of how to shop on her LTK. Custom, exclusive discount codes from LTK brands also increased conversion for the Creator's original content while elevating the LTK Shop's visibility, and leveraging new features like reviews and sizing details contributed to cultivating a more engaged shopper audience.

Inspired by a meeting with her LTK team, the Creator intensified her commitment to regular content sharing on the LTK Shop. With consistent reporting guidance she secured collaborations with premium high street brands, fulfilling her dream partnerships.




  • 400 new LTK followers a week

  • Posts twice a week on her LTK shop

  • 0.8% conversion rate

  • 11K weekly post views on LTK



*Creator images featured are not from the case study



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