LTK x ELEMIS UK Influencer Case Study


Learn how British skincare brand ELEMIS partnered with LTK UK Creators on a brand-ambassador basis to drive traffic and revenue for best-selling lines


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ELEMIS partnered with LTK’s UK Creators on a brand ambassador basis to drive traffic and revenue for its best-selling skincare products. Having previously tested singular campaigns and provided influencers with exclusive discount codes for their audiences, the brand knew LTK Creators would perform. For this May-June campaign, six influencers were selected on a two-month basis and nine influencers on a one-month basis. They were discovered by LTK using its unique casting and sales driving technology.


  • Positive ROI of at least 1x by increasing sales and traffic by at least 20%
  • Demonstrate how ELEMIS best-sellers can fit into anyone’s daily skincare routine

IG Stories Round 2



Enlist new influencers who are top converters from recent campaigns, combined with using historical top performing Creators to re-engage with, those linking products organically, and those who convert for competitors and interiors. 

LTK facilitated extra ad-hoc gifting requests to increase organic content for key dates such as Father’s Day. Tailored gifting was also provided for Creators who knew specific ELEMIS products sold well with their shoppers. Each Creator was given an exclusive discount code to share with their audience and tips from LTK’s Creator Success team on how to promote their codes. Creator content obligations were split up into different phases to maximise revenue and reach around key retailer dates.

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  • ROAS: 1.4x
  • +30% growth in revenue YoY
  • +35% growth in clicks YoY
  • 2.8 million social reach
  • YouTube engagement rate: 25%
  • 1.9 million Instagram Story impressions
  • The brand re-invested in September-December campaigns and shifted to always-on


Chloe Rose Elemis (4)


What ELEMIS had to say

“ELEMIS has worked with LTK for a number of years as part of an always-on strategy and the team has been very supportive. Having their expertise to drive awareness and conversion brings the brand’s vision to life through credible voices across various platforms.”

Darren Hewitt-McLaren

Head of Communications

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