Brand Awards Logo-webWe are excited to announce the inaugural LTK Brand Awards presented at this year’s #LTKCon, recognizing brand excellence in Creator Commerce.

The 2022 LTK Brand Awards were selected by proprietary LTK Benchmark™ data—measuring content, reach and engagement, awareness, and sales. Brands must also have exhibited offering unique value or are groundbreaking in some other way. 


And the winners are...

Nominees were selected from the highest benchmark performance. They also were consistently innovative through Creator Commerce™ to BE MORE Believable, Efficient, Memorable, Organic, Relevant, and Effective across multiple Creator campaigns and collaborations.

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Brand of the Year

Brands with top performing campaigns—raising awareness, creating engaging content, generating top sales and cultivating long-term creator relationships.

Brand Awards 3 - 1Brand Awards 5 - 2Brand Awards Winner-1


LTK Connect Visionary of the Year

These direct-to-consumer businesses have successfully revolutionized industries on their own terms, leveraging LTK Connect and Creators to drive sales, traffic, and brand recognition in inspiring ways.

Brand Awards Winner 2Brand Awards 2 - 2Brand Awards 2 - 3


Performance Strategy of the Year

Through a 360 strategic approach with Creators, these brands achieved some of the highest performing campaigns—combining strategic testing of channels and using a variety of Creators and content formats.

Brand Awards Winner 3Brand Awards 3 - 2Brand Awards 3 - 3


Best Multi-Category Campaign Strategy

These trailblazers have broken through various verticals through strategic marketing and creator approaches.

Brand Awards 4 - 1Brand Awards 7 - 2Brand Awards Winner 8


Best 360 Campaign Strategy

These brands have creatively maximized budget and scaled their business through successful collaborations, competitive commission rates and LTK Advertising with a do-it-all approach to reach Creators and shoppers.

Brand Awards 5 - 1Brand Awards 5 - 2Brand Awards Winner 5


International Brand Impact

These international brands have a global footprint that have continuously driven sales and traffic through some of the most engaging Creator campaigns.

Brand Awards 6 - 1Brand Awards Winner 6Brand Awards 6 - 3


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One to Watch

These brands are expanding their reach on LTK through a variety of engaging approaches and continue to invest in ground-breaking strategies, reaching new shoppers, and driving incremental sales.

Brand Awards 7 - 1Brand Awards 7 - 2Brand Awards Winner 7



Congratulations to all the brand nominees for being leaders in Creator Commerce

If you would like to learn more about how your brand can join LTK and partner with Creators to drive traffic, sales, and increase brand awareness, please contact us.

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