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Visionaries Series

Tips for an Unbeatable Creator Commerce™
Campaign Strategy

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn tips for an unbeatable campaign strategy. Hear from our visionary DTC brand panelists from Tecovas and Revolution Rose as they share pro tips for campaign creation and how they are leveraging LTK Connect to execute a successful influencer marketing strategy.

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Influencer Campaign Creation Starts Here

Don't know where to start or unsure if you're pulling the right levers? LTK shares our top five tips for creating influencer campaigns that drive awareness and revenue. We also dive into best practices on choosing the right creators, writing  campaign proposals, and cultivating positive influencer relationships. Hear firsthand from brands how they are approaching campaign creation and the steps they take towards success!



Nichole Mrasek

Director of Marketing Communications 


Stephanie Ritchey

Founder& CEO 
Revolution Rose


Meagan Finucan

Director of Performance Marketing

Backbone Media

Hanna Wilde

Affiliate Marketing Manager
Backbone Media for Tecovas