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LTK Optimize
Get personal. Scale faster

LTK Optimize is a white-glove, Creator managed service from strategy to turnkey implementation with 24/7 full-funnel reporting. LTK Optimize empowers you with senior strategists and AI tools leveraging our 13 years of unmatched data to achieve your KPIs.


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Delivers 4B+ in trackable sales


LTK is the community where Creators run their businesses and personally share their campaigns with each other, creating virality with 40M avid shoppers who amplify reach 2X, scaling brand awareness and sales faster driving $4B in annual sales. 

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Cast Creators more efficiently

LTK’s machine learning is powered by artificial intelligence and 13 years of proprietary data:

LTK scales faster than social ads



Today, 40M consumers shop on LTK and trust LTK’s curated Creators more than ads or Celebrities*, amplifying Creator reach 2X**  to scale brand adoption faster and drive $4.1B in trackable sales annually.

LTK Consumers rank quality and brand as top two of five purchase factors vs. general population ranking price first and brand last.

LTK consumers are:


Intelligent Creator casting


Efficient Creator rates for the long term


Runway to scale what works



More than 40 million consumers shop with LTK’s curated content Creators, trusting them more than ads or celebrities.* Their loyalty amplifies Creator reach by two times** to scale brand adoption and drive $4.1 billion in annual sales.

LTK consumers rank quality and brand as their No. 2 and No. 5 top purchase factors, while the general population prioritizes price.

*2023 LTK Holiday Shopper Study, **2021 LTK Influential Shopper Study

LTK consumers are:





Today, 40M consumers shop on LTK and trust LTK’s curated Creators more than ads or celebrities*, amplifying Creator reach 2X**  to scale brand adoption faster and drive $4.1B in trackable sales annually.

LTK consumers rank quality and brand as top 2 of 5 purchase factors vs. general population ranking price first and brand last.

*2023 LTK Holiday Shopper Study, **2021 LTK Influential Shopper Study

LTK consumers are:

LTK gets personal to reach tipping point faster


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LTK 360

Unmatched, actionable reporting that empowers brands to understand and help drive Creator performance. Insights and reporting pulled from inside the LTK app and beyond.

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360° winning strategy

A holistic personal approach to how brands scale full-funnel growth faster.

360° winning strategy

Take a holistic, personalized approach to scaling your full-funnel marketing growth faster. Learn more about LTK's brand offerings and move the needle faster!


Scale faster through personal connections


Managed service to scale through curated LTK Creators.

  • White-glove campaign strategy and management

  • Robust full-funnel tracking and analytics

  • Planning, casting, executing, and reporting, with end-to-end service delivered across all channels

  • Intelligent, historical Creator and category data for better casting

  • Content authenticity promotes across relevant channels

  • Creators’ businesses on LTK focused on full-funnel awareness to transactions


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Scale reach boosting from a Creator's social handle


An LTK exclusive for your business.

  • Amplify reach and target audiences with posts that outperform ads*

  • Creator authenticity and organic campaign collaboration drives higher engagement

  • Turnkey solution to simplify and scale Creator Marketing

  • Incremental budget allocation towards working media dollars vs. Creator fees

  • Quicker go-to market process than traditional ads

  • Accelerated success


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Scale awareness with authentic content


Messaging to grow Creator and consumer awareness on the LTK platform to increase organic posts and amplify Creator collaborations.

Grow organic engagement and reach with takeovers, search, banner ads, and Email.


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Scale Creator content with Connected TV

LTK curated Creators produce content edited with branded assets to create a Connected TV spot, saving brands time and money compared to traditional production. 

Work directly with an LTK specialist to harness the power of Creators for your brand's Connected TV.


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Expand retail media networks with full-funnel reporting

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Trust the leader in Creator marketing for RMNs as LTK works to:

  • Help retailers and brands scale their offerings
  • Integrate LTK 360 reporting to expose the power of your investment

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Grow in-person relationships with LTK Creators


Participate in exclusive events to connect more deeply:

  • Join LTK Con, LTK Beautiful, and LTK Active annual events
  • Take part in webinar sessions, festivals, and agency events
  • Invest in VIP sponsorship packages to network with content Creators and shoppers

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Self-service platform for Direct-to-Consumer brands


A self-serve product for Direct-to-Consumers brands who want to invest beyond organic linking to engage Creators with paid end-to-end campaigns and LTK 360 reporting. Perfect for small to medium sized business looking to kick-start Creator Marketing by providing brands with campaign performance within our network, including clicks, sales, orders, and insights into Creators and their followings.


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44 Percent

of Gen Z and Millennial women say they search Creator content when looking for beauty or personal care.*


Gen Z and Millennials rank Creator content search higher than retailer sites for brand discovery.

*LTK x Northwestern Study

Discovery to doorstep




A Creators’ followers click to shop, sample, and learn more from their LTK Shop in the app.

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LTK Creators promote your brand’s products to their followers on social media.




Shoppers click to purchase the product, get a sample, or learn more about the brand or retailer website.

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Creators organically link to products on the LTK app with 40M shoppers as evergreen, searchable content.

Most Loved 2023

LTK Most Loved Product Awards

We evaluate millions of Creator-linked products each year using proprietary LTK Benchmark™ technology to identify top-performing products based on engagement, shopper interaction, clicks, and sales. LTK Most Loved spotlights the most coveted products by LTK Creators!


Brand Central

Your central hub to learn and connect. Get in touch to jump-start your Creator marketing.

Top benefits for your brand

  • Your products, integrated

    Drive traffic and sales by incentivizing LTK Creators to create, publish, and promote organic content that features your products. Drive purchase confidence with shoppers and track everything on our platform!


  • On-brand, On-demand

    Commission, license, and distribute Creator content for your marketing channels. Licensed imagery from premium content Creators can boost social engagement rates and brand authenticity faster than in-house creative.


  • Access our shopper community

    LTK is the largest Creator shopping community of creators, consumers and brands. More than 40 million monthly shoppers engage with LTK.


  • Data-led strategies that grow your brand

    LTK uses over a decade of brand and retail expertise and historical sales data to make informed decisions throughout your Creator marketing program. From finding influencers to casting to tracking performance, we drive results for your Creator Marketing goals and strategies.




LTK recognizes brand excellence in Creator Commerce™ with the annual LTK Brand Awards. Each year, brands are selected based on their Creator strategies and LTK proprietary benchmark data that measures content reach, engagement, awareness, and sales. Explore the 2023 award winners to see the latest trailblazers in Creator Commerce™.

*Creators are trusted more than ads according to the 2022 LTK Holiday Shopper Study. LTK has measured double-digit improvements in boosted posts vs. brand ads in side by side comparisons.

Featured Creators: @kosta_williams, @9to5chic, @christineleeee, @iamservante, @stylepashion, @Sarah.Naja, @sbkliving, @bijpatel, @thanya, @tylauren, @ZachWebber, @laurawgodfrey, @Rachelshea_, @brookemoraleshome, @brenna_anastasia, @laineandlayne, @StreetandGentle, @DemarcusBsean, @shelbysaywhatblog, @the_broadmoor_house