The ultimate guide to influencer marketing for Shopify brands

Learn the best way to market your Shopify store, by finding and partnering with LTK influencers who know how to promote your products, increase sales, and help your business grow.

Want to discuss driving online sales to your Shopify store with influencer marketing?

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The ultimate guide to influencer marketing for Shopify brands

Learn the best way to market your Shopify store, by finding and partnering with LTK influencers who know how to promote your products, increase sales, and help your business grow.

Want to discuss driving online sales to your Shopify store with influencer marketing?

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Benefits of influencer marketing for Shopify brands

92 percent of Gen Z and 75 percent of all adults make purchases from influencer’s recommendations, so any virtual store can reap the benefits of influencer marketing and creator commerce. Online stores in any category– whether  women’s fashion, men’s fashion, beauty, CPG, Home, Luxury, Travel products and accessories or Entertainment, you can work with influencers to:

Gain more brand visibility
Prove brand results
Adapt to trends and demands
Regain market share
Follow buying behaviors
Track success for iteration
Improve brand perception
Boost online sales

What is influencer marketing?

Shopify influencer marketing: when e-commerce brands on Shopify work with high-performing store influencers to promote their products and drive online sales.

The best way to market your Shopify store? Leverage engaging visual content and distribute it to channels where current customers and new audiences live– and shop. Influencers are excellent content creators, who have built an authentic connection with their followers, so much so, they influence their purchase decisions.


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Through influencer marketing, potential customers can learn about your brand’s:

Small Brands: Grow your Shopify store

You’re a small brand, looking to grow and maximize ROI as much as possible. 

Influencers help smaller brands make the most of their Shopify marketing strategy and spend through licensed influencer content. Over the course of your influencer campaigns, you’ll build a collection of licensed evergreen and reusable content that continues to convert across your owned channels. For example, your brand can use the creator content on your own Instagram page and website.

Connect with Creators to grow your business

LTK Connect is a self-serve collaboration management tool specifically designed to help brands who want to engage creators beyond organic affiliate linking through paid content with end-to-end campaigns and reporting. LTK Connect connects brands directly with LTK Creators to drive traffic, sales and increase brand awareness. LTK’s curated creators are the most trusted and successful in the world. LTK provides creators with a digital store front that allows them to merchandize their content into one shoppable destination for consumers. LTK also features its creators on its 5-star shopping app with millions of shoppers.



Large Brands: Scaling your Shopify brand

LTK influencers and content creators help larger online brands expand their current strategy. Influencers draw a direct connection between you and the consumer – offering customer feedback and fresh ideas for influencer campaign expansion – and increased reach and revenue. 

At LTK, we offer influencer marketing management, so you can easily develop and maintain partnerships with the right influencers through a full-funnel approach. As a larger Shopify brand, you’ll work with diverse influencers to scale your program, test new verticals, and create multi-channel influencer strategies.

LTK Most Loved Product Awards


As the global leader in Creator Commerce™, we used our proprietary benchmarking technology to evaluate billions of Creator-linked products and compile our annual list of top performers. Check out the 2021 award winners to see what products—from fashion to fitness and family—everyone is crazy about now.


What is an LTK influencer?

LTK influencers are content creators with a highly-engaged social media following who use their authentic connection with followers to promote your online store’s products and brand. 

Four types of influencers

Successful store influencers come in all follower counts, aesthetics, and niches. But they all tend to care about the products they promote, listen and learn from their followers’ tastes and preferences, and stay on the pulse of trends in their niche and social media as a whole.


Nano influencers

Nano influencers have 1,000 to 10,000 followers, are incredibly cost-effective for brands on a budget, and have high engagement rates. Work with them if you’re looking to test a product launch or test products in a whole new niche.



A micro-influencer has between 10,000 to 100,000 followers – and is often underestimated but is notoriously effective in their niche. Marketers often prefer micro and macro influencers over mega influencers because of their authentic reach.  LTK simplifies reaching creators through its curation of most trusted creators.



Macro-influencers have 100,000 to 1M followers, and are often internet-made celebrities with broader appeal. They have a larger audience they’ve developed over time. While they may have lower engagement rates than other influencers, they are effective for brand awareness and reach.


Mega influencers

A mega-influencer, who has 1M+ followers, has their own promotional benefits, but they also may have low engagement and fewer conversions. A national study found the majority of US adults and the most influential shoppers prefer influencers over celebrities.

Influential Shoppers™ grow influencer recommended sales and engagement 2X.


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The LTK Brand Awards recognize brand excellence in Creator Commerce. Brands were selected based on their unique and impactful creator strategy and LTK proprietary benchmark data. SEE THE WINNERS

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Influencer marketing content

Effective influencer content must be genuine, real, often in real-time, and engaging through visuals.

Brands tend to overproduce and overhype their products, but consumers want advice and guidance– not to be aggressively sold to or misled by perfection. 

Influencer marketing breaks down illusions between a brand and its customers. Creator content is based on the influencer’s true thoughts and feelings as they go about their daily lives, which has more of an impact on today’s shopper.  

Influencers are impacting the way consumers make small- and large-scale purchases via:

  • User-generated content
  • Aesthetic and authentic imagery
  • In the moment of everyday life   
  • Testimonials & tutorials
  • Before-and-after photos
  • Collections and gift suggestions
  • Product roundups 
  • Highlight Reels 
  • Q&As and live streams 
  • Unboxing videos

How to find influencers for your brand

LTK simplifies finding the right influencers that align with your brand and audience with 10 years of unmatch influencer data, and the world’s #1 and most trusted curated creator network.  Some important best practices to consider as you begin your casting process include: 

Assess your brand

To focus your search in the influencer community, begin by answering a few questions about your brand. What is your brand story and values? Who is your target audience and what about your product is most important to them? How is your product unique and differentiated from your competitors? What do you want a lifestyle influencer to say about your brand?

Identifying who your best customers are and the key characteristics and values of your brand that appeal to them most, it simplifies choosing influencers your audience will engage with most.

Stylish collage of branding images clipped on wire bulletin board on a black background


Woman with dark hair in a blue jacket, cream shorts, and crossbody bag posing on a ledge


Harness the power of curated micro and macro-influencers

All generations, led by Gen Z which now makes up 40 percent of global consumers and has $143 billion in spending power according to McKinsey research, engage the most with  both macro and micro-influencer marketing. Influencers with smaller audience counts overall have much higher engagement and conversions per follower than celebrities and mega influencers.

LTK curates the most creators of all sizes and propagates their posts on LTK’s 5-star shopping app with millions of followers for unmatched reach engagement.

Follow the data

Working with LTK’s ten plus years of unmatched data history helps brands make informed influencer casting decisions that will lead to a successful Shopify marketing strategy.

Gain the highest level of influencer transparency by working with an influencer marketing management platform and expert with influencer intelligence. LTK brands have access to resources that measure and sharpen campaign performance.

Person in gingham blouse and light colored jeans working on an Apple computer at a small table


4 black content creators wearing black and white clothing posing together in the sun


Prioritize diversity 

As a business owner, you have control to cast influencers who truly represent the world we live in. Work with a diverse group of lifestyle influencers and content creators from all backgrounds to keep your brand relatable, inclusive, and authentic.

Branch out to various channels

LTK creators share their content across all social channels. The “LTK Law” states that a new significant social channel breaks out every three years.  Working with influencers who live on various platforms linking back to their LTK Store, where their posts are shared on the LTK 5-Star rated shopping app with millions of followers simplifies channel selection.  Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter, blogs or the next new social channel, LTK can see channel-level performance so your brand can make informed decisions.



Connect with Creators to grow your business

LTK Connect is a self-serve product specifically designed to help brands who want to engage creators beyond organic affiliate linking through paid content with end-to-end campaigns and reporting.  LTK Connect connects brands directly with LTK Creators to drive traffic, sales and increase brand awareness.


See how LTK Connect makes successful influencer campaigns easy.


Tips for creating a successful Shopify brand campaign 

Consider these tips as you’re creating an influencer strategy.


1Set clear expectations

Be clear in your  influencer proposal template about your brand expectations. You are joining in a collaborative partnership – you want to start it strong with specific deliverables.


2—Make your budget match your goals

Make sure you’re budgeting enough to complete your campaign goals. You will not see the success you’re looking for if you stretch the budget too far.


3—Promote unique partnerships

Do you have any interesting partnerships with creators or guest designers? Include these in your Shopify marketing strategy. Your creator partnerships will appreciate it, and it could lead to more engagement opportunities.


4—Offer incentives and gifting

Help influencers consider trying new brands. Discount codes, competitive commission rates, or gifting, alongside campaigns, can nudge brand affinity in your direction. Just as important: always let your influencers experience your products for a period of time before they’re scheduled to promote it. If you are contracting an influencer in a formal commitment, we recommend to compensate them with a flat fee.


5—Incorporate video

Video is the dominant content format for promoting all industries. It is critical for capturing the function, uniqueness, and quality of your products. Leverage influencers who are skilled at creating video to help your brand reach a highly shareable status.


6—Communicate with influencers

According to a Morning Consult study, 88 percent of people say it’s important for influencers to be authentic and genuinely care about their interests. Communicate with them through a collaborative partnership so they can promote your products and brand while maintaining their identity while capturing your brand aesthetic  . Offer content inspiration (like a mood board) and make sure you establish clear expectations and contractual terms without being too prescriptive. 

Give your influencers consistent updates on stock levels, new products, and your most unique offerings – as influencers are always looking for the next share-worthy item to promote to their followers.

LTK utilizes industry-leading influencer marketing software to facilitate healthy communication between brands and influencers.

Understanding Influencer Marketing Management

Influencer marketing is complex, and doing it all in-house can be expensive and time-intensive. It’s hardly worth it without the data to back up your decisions and effort. You shouldn’t have to guess your way through influencer marketing or search through millions of influencers for the ones best fit for your Shopify brand.

Avoid These Five Influencer Marketing Mistakes


With substantial influencer data from an influencer marketing platform, the right lifestyle influencers can help you regularly reach niche audiences, improve brand perception, build brand identity, and set your brand apart in the marketplace.

Influencer marketing management and an influencer marketing hub will walk you through:

  • Determining goals and budget
  • Conducting influencer research and casting  
  • Determining target deliverables
  • Writing and facilitating contracts 
  • Negotiating influencer rates 
  • Ensuring contract fulfillment
  • Monitoring budget and proving ROI

At LTK, we help brands of all sizes every step of the way with creator commerce. As an influencer marketing hub designed for creator management, we help you do it all in-house, so you have the influencer intelligence to run effective influencer marketing campaigns without completely outsourcing to an agency.

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Connect with creator commerce

Start your influencer marketing journey where you can discover trusted, curated influencers that resonate with your brand who convert their followers into your customers. As you start to think about a longer-term strategy, LTK uses data to help you secure those influencers as brand ambassadors. 

As the leading influencer marketing hub for the last 10 years, LTK is the simplified one-stop shop for influencer marketing and creator commerce for Shopify brands.

What Shopify brands get:

  • Connection to the most successful influencer platform in the world 
  • Amplified distribution through the largest creator shopping channel: with millions of shoppers
  • Self- and Full-service creator programs for brands of all sizes
  • Licensed imagery from premium creators for your own marketing channels
  • Expert brand consulting, planning, executing, and reporting
  • Access to real-time measurable results on the top influencer campaign management software


Connect with LTK's collaboration management tool that connects brands of all sizes directly with LTK creators to grow their Shopify businesses.